Public Safety

Public Safety is the one area where government has a clear responsibility to the people. From drunk driving and illegal drugs to illegal immigration and refugee resettlement, your Legislature must be ever-vigilant to protect you from criminal activities and exposure to third world diseases. My record is pretty clear in these areas and the legislation I carried into law continues to save lives today.


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Tennessee Attorney General Opinion

5/22/09- Fourth Amendment Constitutional protection does not apply to foreign terrorists operating on U.S. soil (Rep. Shipley was correct)

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

2/11/09- Shipley Bill for County Emergency Management Control


2/11/09- Shipley Bill “Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Act”

Finance and Admiration

2/23/09- Shipley Bill to Establish Grant Programs for Emergency Services

Criminal Procedure

2/25/09- Shipley Bill to Expand Search Warrants for Suspected Terrorism

Remedies and Special Proceedings

2/25/09- Shipley Bill to Revise False Claims Statutes