Healthcare is an essential part of modern living, however, it is not the domain of government. Healthcare is between you and your doctor. State law should protect your right to pick and choose healthcare programs from any source available in the United States. Competition between insurance carriers will be good for our hospitals and our families.

Obamacare has been a disaster, and depending on who wins the White House, we may once again find ourselves resisting Medicaid expansion and further attempts to force socialized medicines on Tennessee.


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Women’s Health

2/9/09- Shipley Bill for Women’s Health Care

Minor Children

2/23/09- Shipley Bill to Release Minor Medical Records to Parents

Mental Illness

2/11/09- Shipley Bill For Liability in Assessing Mentally Ill Transportation Needs

2/23/09- Shipley Bill for Constable Payment for Transporting Mentally Ill Patients

Medicaid and Medicare

2/23/09- Shipley Bill to Fund Copay Reimbursements for Emergency Services


2/26/09- Shipley Bill to Authorize Certain Psychologists to Prescribe Medications