Education goes hand in hand with economic development. Success in the classroom results in success in the workplace. Local school boards should have greater autonomy than current state regulations allow. Certainly teachers ought to be empowered to teach and discipline as required.

Parents must be allowed the flexibility to choose where their children attend schools. Tax paying parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit. Again, Governments role is to provide the environment in which our children can succeed and in which businesses will thrive.


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2/11/09 - Shipley Bill for "Targeted Education and Economic Development Act"


"I oppose Common Core or any rebranding of the same sorry ideas. I oppose the corruption that seems to be involved. I support giving real pay raises to teachers, letting teachers teach, reduce over testing of our children, empowering local school boards with more authority, while reducing State overreach, and giving parents school choice - ie, where their child goes to school, where their tax dollars are spent, and veto authority over objectionable activities contrary to the parents value system. Finally ,I support mandatory teaching of factual US History and US Government classes that teach our children how our country is designed to work, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. " -Tony Shipley

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