Tennessee is in the top 10 most fiscally sound states in the nation. With our AAA bond rating, we now enjoy the positive review of our state, by both businesses and families. It is vitally important that we continue to be responsible stewards of your money as we build toward the future. Government's role is to create the environment for you to succeed. Reducing taxes and managing your resources carefully will attract the businesses and jobs we seek.

Creating a well-trained and educated work force is absolutely essential to attracting high tech, well-paying jobs. Our success with the East Tennessee Aviation Initiative, now a program at Northeast State, is a prime example of what we can do if we work together with businesses. The Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAMS) in downtown Kingsport (in coordination with the Northeast State Community College and Kingsport Higher Ed Center) is another example of insightful economic development via training and education.


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2/11/09 - Shipley Bill for "Targeted Education and Economic Development Act"

Sales Tax

2/9/09 - Shipley Bill to Reduce Sales Tax on Food


2/23/09 - Shipley Bill for Agriculture Growth Grant Projects


2/24/09 - Shipley Bill for Coal to Liquid Fuels Technology